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There are different types of gyms and different motivations for their visitors. For some, it’s a place to socialize, others are looking for company, and still others want to improve their health and fitness. Our gym combines all these aspects, but its special feature is the focus on achieving your results. If you want to transform your body, improve your lifestyle, adjust your diet and impress everyone around you, join our team and achieve your goal with us!


Training program

An individual training program for 1 or 2 months is developed especially for you, taking into account all your wishes for the dream transformation.

Training program

The program for one training day is a great way to diversify independent training and learn something new!

Meal plan

Individual meal plan, developed personally for you, to achieve results faster!

Safe deposit box rental

To make it more convenient for you, we have a safe for rent. Keep sports items, supplements and training equipment.

Towel rental

Forgot a towel? No problem! We will provide a towel both for training and for showering.

Infrared Sauna

A healing and relaxing procedure that you can enjoy after training.

Vertical solarium

Provide yourself with vitamin D and an even tan throughout the year.

Sports bar

We have a large selection of sports nutrition for you: protein shakes, bars, etc. — everything you need before, during and after training. And delicious coffee, of course.

Photo zone

Record your results in a cool photo zone

Join our team and achieve your goal with us at MUSCLE GYM !

Trainers of the hall on Smilyanska




Trainers of the hall on Smilyanska

Choose a trainer, add personal training to the cart and order online in a couple of clicks. You can pay online or at the club on your first visit.

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